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I am a licensed professional counselor with a private practice in Columbia, Missouri. I completed a Masters Degree in Counseling Education from Stephens College in August 2013, and also hold a Master of Education and Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Missouri. I earned her professional license working as counselor/case manager with female adolescents in residential treatment and providing free mental health counseling to the general population at the Wakonda Center, beginning in 2011. In 2016, I began two years of work providing counseling in residential addiction treatment and started growing Mia K Snyder, LPC, my private practice. My desire is to help people feel better, suffer less, lead more fulfilling and productive lives, and enjoy deeper and more intimately connected relationships. I believe that when you enter my office and we agree to work together, the operative word is together. We are a team. Working together in therapy, I help my clients solve problems with the same sincerity and integrity with which you come to me for help. 
My philosophy and orientation as a licensed professional counselor is grounded in attachment and trauma. My biophysiological approach and has been informed by my education, my own life experiences, and most significantly, by the feedback I have received (and continue to welcome) in working with my clients.


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