I offer many counseling services, and constantly integrate different techniques depending on each unique client. This page is dedicated to some of my specialties, and services that I find effectual and rewarding as I work together with a variety of individuals.



I am passionate about EMDR as an approach to healing not only recent trauma, but also in approaching experiences buried deep in the past.

Unconscious emotional dynamics impact us emotionally, socially, and physiologically. However, it is possible to bring these dynamics to our level of conscious awareness. Doing this allows us to address them and move forward and away from damaging baggage. Therapy, and EMDR specially, helps liberate us from ingrained uncurious responses. Liberation from ingrained patterns makes us response able. Being able to respond to our circumstances is empowering. With this comes increased self compassion and understanding. Therapy is truly a blessing!

EMDR has been extensively researched as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and is considered an evidence-based therapy. EMDR is a powerful and effective therapy for the treatment of trauma. The therapy combines eye movement with other bilateral stimulation into a comprehensive approach that helps to identify, process, and release information that is stored, or more trapped, in the mind and body. This frees the individual from disturbing images, body sensations, debilitating emotions, and restrictive beliefs. 

In addition to the treatment if PTSD, EMDR is also used to treat the psychological effects of smaller traumas manifesting in symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, creativity blocks, and relationship difficulties. Beyond the healing that occurs more rapidly than in traditional therapy, a result of EMDR’s clearing of emotional and physical blockages often results in many people experiencing a sense of joy, openness, and deep connection with others.

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